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The original buildings have been completely restored to provide you with the finest modern comfort, all while maintaining the charm of an aristocratic luxury home. From time to time, you may have the pleasure of meeting the owners that periodically return to enjoy the east wing of the property. Their historical knowledge of the grounds provide a handful of lucky guests with immersive tours that give way to deep discovery, not to mention an insider’s perspective on the many details and special facts about the grounds. Between the estates rich beauty and fascinating historical background, there is truly something for everyone at the exquisite Commenda di San Calogero.

Each of our guest bedrooms has a striking en-suite bathroom, as well as an independent entrance providing possibility for interconnected rooms.            All rooms are furnished with the finest quality furniture pieces; a style tastefully unique in character for which the Commenda di San Calogero is famous. Vibrantly coloured flowers from our fruitful gardens welcome you with refreshing fragrances. Our five star mattresses and sheets of the finest materials in Europe will assure that you enjoy the deepest sleep and best comfort possible. Everything about our guest rooms is transcendent. The warm colours of Italy permeate the room, as antique candle holders and gorgeous decorative curtains bring you into the heart of aristocratic delight. 

One of our favorite features is the vast open courtyard immediately accessible from the majority of our rooms. It’s traditional Sicilian architecture creates an elegant atmosphere to enjoy breakfast in the morning or a cool drink in the afternoon under the Sicilian sun. For those guests coming with their family, this stunning courtyard is also a safe and private place for children to play while you unwind.

Set on 110 acres, the Commenda di San Calogero is surrounded by lavish gardens, numerous shaded seating areas, peaceful look-outs and secluded benches that offer privacy and relaxation. Our impressive Italian garden with a variety of plants, fountains, and water rills is accessible directly from the back of the villa. Indian pavilions are also for your use in the garden. Pool-side areas have service options available including aperitifs and al fresco dinners.

 Whether you are traveling for a long weekend, business, or a long holiday, the Commenda di San Calogero will deliver the luxury and elegance you deserve.

“A beautiful region of Italy. Admired by all who visit and cherished by it's community.”

Lucrezio - De rerum natura

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Our twelve guest rooms, all equal in size, are reflective of the style and taste of the owners. The furniture you see has unique character in its origin and has been chosen with care​



In Calogero, you will experience the warm atmosphere of a Sicilian country home. Original recipes from aristocratic cuisine can be prepared for any time of day, and you may speak with our chefs directly about the delectable tastes prepared for you. Feel free to use our many available public spaces; from the candle lit Indian pavilions to the gardens and poolside, you can enjoy your drinks and meals wherever you prefer. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation by the pool, numerous sightseeing excursions in southwest Sicily, or organizing a family gathering, our home will provide everything you need​.



Next to our saltwater swimming pool you will find our charming spa. Marble rooms reflective of Istanbul with relaxing saunas will transport you to a paradise of relaxation. Massages are available upon request to make your stay even more divine.​


During the spring and autumn seasons, our gardens and lounges become ideal venues for yoga retreats. Your participants will be immersed in nature and surrounded by the perfect atmosphere for finding tranquility. As you come together in your practice, nature will embrace you with sounds of singing birds and flowing water. San Calogero is an ideal location for finding peace and solitude. Contact us to learn more about planning your next retreat.


A home where tradition is a key element, could not miss cooking lessons.
At the beginning our courses, you will be given  a apron and a folder with the recipes you will prepare.
From a minimum of 2 people, you will be welcome among our stoves.
Contact us to organize your cooking class!

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The former feudal estate of San Calogero hosts one of the best preserved sicilian country homes. It is located on the outskirts of the Iblean plateau, north of Syracuse overlooking mount Etna. 

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